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Looking for a Solution to Your Company's Financing Needs?

If you are planning on starting up a business or if you want to expand your current business, one of the most challenging obstacles that you as an entrepreneur will face and will have to overcome is financing. You might want to launch your business or expand it further but do not have the funds available to do so. It is not uncommon for business owners to experience difficulties obtaining finance for their projects. Some common problems faced by them include:

  • inadequate amount of sanctions

  • rejection on business proposals or ideas

  • unreliability due to unavailability of collateral

  • incomplete documentation

Does that mean that you should put your entrepreneurial dreams on hold? Certainly Not! There are a variety of financing options available to entrepreneurs and business owners and we can make them available to you.

Who We Are?

CoFinancing is an independent body which has been operational in the market for last few years. We are aimed at solving problems related to the generation of finance for businesses, both large and small. At the same time, we also provide banks with trustworthy, reliable and sincere borrowers who actually need finance in order to grow their business and its potential.

In short, CoFinancing bridges the gap between borrowers and banks. We connect needy borrowers with banks who are willing to and are always seeking out trustworthy borrowers. Whenever it’s about financing, we step in to win the trust of both the parties.

How does our set up work?

CoFinancing model of operations is pretty simple. We serve both businesses as well as banks in this manner.

CoFinancing for Borrowers

Are you a borrower looking for funds for your business? CoFinancing is just for you. We have connected with all major banks that are willing to extend funds to reliable businesses. All you have to do now is to register with us as a borrower. Registration is real easy and all we require are the required documents and information as mentioned on our website. 

Steps to Getting registered:

Register as a borrower
Provide necessary documents
Become approved borrowers after necessity checks through standardized method

Now on, your funding requests will be backed up by our name and reliability.

Apart from this, our experts also extend their support and consultancy for business advice, funding advises and advice for choosing the right sources of finance. We also help with documentation for applying for finance.

CoFinancing for Banks

As a bank, you probably are looking for borrowers to lend money to. It is not easy to find legit borrowers who will really repay back smoothly. CoFinancing makes an effort to provide you with legit borrowers. This is done through our procedure of accepting and approving borrowers. CoFinancing conducts all the necessary checks and has built strong criteria for borrower’s approval. From background checks to credit worthiness, location of business and other personal information of the borrower, everything is duly checked and approved before letting them in to our list of borrowers.

CoFinancing for Tradesmen

As a tradesmen, you may need to expand your business throughout the years. It can be sometimes difficult to find someone that can provide credit to your business. CoFinancing makes an effort to provide you with a fair chance of borrowing. This is done through our procedure of accepting and approving borrowers. CoFinancing conducts all the necessary checks and has built strong criteria for borrower’s approval. Our latest clients are;

Why CoFinancing?

Saves Time

CoFinancing saves time of both borrowers and banks by conducting standard formalities prior.

Getting Funded Fast

Businesses get funded faster if they seek funds through our channel

Ensures Saftety

By providing reliable, trustworthy borrowers, it ensures security of bank’s finance.

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We have helped many of our clients to successfully fund their start-up company or to further grow their existing company. Here is what some of them have said about our services.

For our bank, CoFinancing is a very reliable source of information. We always refer to their data before finalizing and sanctioning any borrowers. Their borrowers are really very strong and well documented. Our bank fully trusts and promotes CoFinancing.
By By Curtis B. Wilson
Magik Southern Bank

I was unable to get finance for my start up. The banks will simply reject the file everytime. CoFinancing guided me and they did the whole documentation again for me. They got the required finance for me business in just two weeks! Amazing they are.
By Robert S. Ashmore
Big Daddy Restaurant

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